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What is Yoga?

What is Yoga – Being able to touch your toes, stand on your head, or sit cross legged for hours in meditation are not prerequisites to yoga.  If these are your goals, with dedicated practice you may just get there and feel amazing for it.  The deeper practices of yoga open us up to feeling amazing regardless of attaining the goal.  Yoga is so much more than stretching and sitting, it is an ever evolving philosophy, art, and science, a magical cornucopia of practical and simple techniques that enhance all aspects of your life.  The Sanskrit word “yoga” loosely translates to mean union.  The ultimate purpose of yoga is to realize that the individual consciousness is one with the universal consciousness.  A big ask perhaps when you’re just wanting to stretch out tight hamstrings in down dog!

A coherent practice of mindful, heartful, conscious physical movement integrating your breath and listening to your own innate intelligence is an accessible branch to the wholeness of yoga.  Yoga teaches us to balance and honour all aspects of our individual self and in doing so supporting and harmonizing the planet we share.  If you have an affinity towards creating a life you love, experience for yourself some of the abundant benefits of yoga.